Current Members

Dr. Pamela Grothe

B.S. Geology (Honors), UMW
M.S. Geology, University of Colorado Boulder
Ph.D. Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Institute of Technology

Ava Spencer

B.S. Environmental Science, 2023

Research: Urban Heat Islands and Social Vulnerability in the city of Fredericksburg, VA

Jacob Cantor

Geology, 2024

Research: Evaluating the Fidelity of Geochemical Preservation in Large Skeletal Architectural Corals from Kiritimati Island – Implications for Paleoclimate Reconstruction

Lab Alumni

Eden Rakes

B.S. Environmental Geology, 2021
Currently a tutor at Germanna Community College. Planning on attending Graduate School.

Research: Schlerochronology and oxygen-18 analysis of 18th century Crassostrea Virginica shells from the Chesapeake Bay: significance for archaeology and paleoclimate


Estimated 2020 CO2 emission reductions from COVID-19 in Virginia

Cheyenne Palmo

B.S. Environmental Science, 2020
Currently an Environmental Education and Stewardship Specialist  with Americorps at NOAA Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary in Port Angeles, WA

Research: Oxygen isotope variation in Crassostrea Virginica shell and the Chesapeake Bay (and its tributaries): Applications to Regional Paleohydrology

Allison Grant

B.S Environmental Science, 2021
Currently High School Environmental Science Teacher

Research: The legacy of redlining on urban heat in Virginia cities

Andrea Moore

B.L.S. Environmental Geology, 2019
Currently a M.S. student at Florida State University studying climate change with Dr. Alyssa Atwood

Research: Mid-Holocene paleo-ENSO reconstruction using fossil coral geochemistry. (Big thanks to creating this web site!)

Kathleen Elliott

B.S. Environmental Geology (Honors), 2019
Currently applying to graduate schools

Research: Seasonality of water isotopes in the Fredericksburg region